Flow sensors from ifm electronic

Sensors for simple detection of flow to precise flow metering

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Product Features

High Grade Steel

High grade stainless steel used in all housings


IO-Link enabled sensors


Units with protection rating up to IP 67

LED displays

Versions with or without seven segment LED display

Product Overview

Flow sensors / Flow meters

Flow sensors

In almost all fields of process and plant engineering liquids or gases are used. For coolant and lubricant supply of plant and machinery, ventilation of installations and buildings and the processing of products. In case of no flow of these media considerable damage and downtime may result. Therefore it is important to monitor these media. In modern installations electronic flow monitors are used for this purpose. They work without wear and tear and without mechanical components. This guarantees reliable monitoring even in case of difficult media over a long period.

Operating principle

Electronic flow sensors from ifm electronic operate with different measurement technologies. They meet all requirements from a simple monitoring function to the exact detection of flow volumes. Harmonised operating menus ensure that operators who use different flow sensors can quickly and precisely carry out settings on the sensors. Some flow sensors feature an integrated temperature monitoring which makes an additional measuring point unnecessary. This enables to control processes in the optimum operating status especially with regard to energy savings.

Analogue, binary and pulse outputs offer various possibilities to process the measured data. Due to the flexible programming by means of pushbuttons the flow sensors can be adapted to different conditions. The sensors are mounted via adapters.



Monitoring the cooling water on welding stations

During cooling water monitoring on welding stations the mechatronic flow sensor of the SBY series switches very quickly once the level of the cooling water has dropped below the minimum level. The welding electrodes are protected and the station can be used for a longer period of time.


Flow monitoring cooling system

Pressure indication and temperature measurement alone are no guarantee that the cooling medium is indeed flowing. Compact flow sensors from ifm can detect the flow and also the flow rate. The SI flow sensor can be easily set to the flow and provides a switching signal as soon as the flow drops below the set value. Volumetric flow sensors of the SM series can provide the flow rate and at the same time also the temperature via the two separate analogue outputs.


Detection of industrial water in plants

Flow sensors are used for the measurement of water consumption.

The SM flow meter detects flow and temperature. Alarm signals can be given and the quantity can be counted via pulses (water meter) using the preset counter. The setting parameters of the flow meters are transmitted via the memory plug (E30398). If necessary, the units can be replaced fast and reliably. Parameter setting and analyses of the sensors are possible via the USB IO-Link master (E30390).

encoder function

Flow rate and temperature measurement of cooling water

The SM magnetic-inductive volumetric flow sensor monitors the cooling process of rollers. It detects the smallest deviations of volumetric flow quantity, e.g. in the event of leakage. Simultaneously it also monitors the cooling water temperature.